eXcerta Defined

experientia + certa = eXcerta
experientia - f. knowledge gained by experience. {ik-spire-ntia}
certa - adj. of persons knowing, [sure, certain] {surt-a}
eXcerta - adj. experience assured. {ik-surt-a}

eXcerta is a successful information technology company, focused on providing solutions based on today's business realities and technology needs. This includes managed services, e-business solutions, Internet media and technology resourcing. Looking for that extra edge that will make your business succeed? eXcerta enhances your technology's performance by providing customized computer and networking solutions.

Knowing the specific needs of each of our clients is the very essence of our philosophy. Our experience has taught us to literally put ourselves in the shoes of entrepreneurs everywhere, in order to share their vision. Our Med-IT-Aid program was created with an entrepreneurial determination which ensures the accessibility, priority and support meet and exceed your expectations.

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For computer and network needs for 2 to 50 employees
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We are a service oriented company dedicated to advancing the stature, influence and competitiveness of its clients through the effective deployment of information technology. We are continually striving to improve the quality of services offered, in a fiscally responsible manner.


Our Goals

To Provide:

  • Immediate access to our technicians
  • Priority handling of your hardware/software problems
  • Constant support and follow-ups during the evolution of your IT Strategy
  • All the expertise of our organization's staff at your disposal