Created on Monday, 10 August 2015 04:00

Attention Android users! A security risk known as StageFright has been discovered on Android phones. While Google is working on a fix, see below for how to protect yourself now.

What is StageFright?

A recently uncovered vulnerability knows as “StageFright” in the Android operating system can be triggered without any user interaction or simply by opening a Multimedia messaging Service (MMS) text leading to the device to be compromised.

What is Koodo doing to protect customers?

Protecting our customers’ information is out top priority.  Mobile providers have engaged Google and device manufacturers to ensure they are on top of any developments. Manufacturers are currently working on software updates to repair this vulnerability which will be pushed to customers as soon as it’s available.

How can customers protect their phone?

At this time the extent of this vulnerability is unclear, as a precaution customers can be proactive in the interim and help reduce risk by follow the suggestions below:

Good to know: Android users will see a notification on your phone, asking you to install updated software when it is available.

How to disable the automatic download of MMS messages on your Android device:

If this is your messaging app then follow these steps on your phone:

Google Hangouts

  1. Navigate to Account > Settings > SMS
  2. Uncheck Auto-Retrieve MMS

Google Messenger (Nexus & Motorola Devices)

  1. Tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen
  2. Navigate to Settings > Advanced
  3. Uncheck Auto –Retrieve

Samsung Galaxy S6 SMS application

  1. In the messages app, navigate to More > Settings > More Settings > Multimedia messages
  2. Uncheck Auto-Retrieve

Alcatel, LG, Sony and HTC SMS app

  1. In the messages app, tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen or the Menu key
  2. Navigate to Settings > Multimedia messages
  3. Uncheck Auto-Retrieve

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