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Cloud Computing Leaving You Light Headed?

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This is an incomplete survey of the wireless networks in Cornwall Ontario that are insecure and can both be broken into and have data stolen without any trace.

If you have found your wireless network on this list, please contact eXcerta Network Services for consultation on having your network secured properly.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 1-888-770-2030 416-766-2030

View Exploitable WiFi in Cornwall Ontario in a larger map

170, @home, 0024A5428A5A, 2WIRE133, 2WIRE750, 406BELL, Aaren's Place, Abby, Acanac 1-866-281-3538, AGR WIFI, AL-PC_Network, ALPIN, angie, Ashcroft, ASUS, Audrey, b1nyyc12, BARRINTERNET, Bartley-Hathaway, Bear, Belkin_6e29ec, belkin54g, BELL 356, Bell 810, Bell Family Network, Bell TK, BELL003, BELL006, BELL008, BELL009, BELL012, BELL014, BELL015, BELL017, BELL018, BELL019, BELL022, BELL024, BELL027, BELL033, BELL035, BELL042, BELL043, BELL044, BELL045, BELL046, BELL048, BELL049, BELL054, BELL055, BELL060, BELL061, BELL063, BELL065, BELL068, BELL069, BELL072, BELL073, BELL074, BELL080, BELL083, BELL089, BELL090, BELL092, BELL094, BELL096, BELL100, BELL105, BELL106, BELL107, BELL114, BELL115, BELL122, bell123, BELL124, BELL126, BELL127, BELL128, BELL130, BELL135, BELL136, BELL137, BELL143, BELL144, BELL145, BELL147, BELL148, BELL154, BELL155, BELL156, BELL158, BELL159, BELL160, BELL163, BELL165, BELL167, BELL168, BELL170, BELL172, BELL176, BELL178, BELL183, BELL188, BELL189, BELL191, BELL192, BELL193, BELL194, BELL195, BELL197, BELL198, BELL202, BELL203, BELL204, BELL207, BELL208, BELL211, BELL-213, BELL214, BELL216, BELL218, BELL220, BELL226, BELL230, BELL231, BELL237, BELL242, BELL246, BELL248, BELL249, BELL250, BELL254, BELL255, BELL271, BELL272, BELL273, BELL274, BELL275, BELL278, BELL279, BELL280, BELL283, BELL284, BELL288, BELL289, BELL290, BELL291, BELL293, BELL294, BELL298, BELL301, BELL302, BELL304, BELL307, BELL309, BELL310, BELL314, BELL319, BELL320, BELL321, BELL326, BELL327, BELL330, BELL333, BELL334, BELL338, BELL339, BELL340, BELL342, BELL347, BELL348, BELL353, BELL360, BELL361, BELL367, BELL375, BELL380, BELL382, BELL383, BELL389, BELL392, BELL393, BELL394, BELL402, BELL403, BELL404, BELL406, BELL407, BELL409, BELL413, BELL415, BELL416, BELL418, BELL420, BELL422, BELL423, BELL424, BELL426, BELL429, BELL434, BELL435, BELL437, BELL438, BELL441, BELL443, BELL446, BELL447, BELL451, BELL454, BELL455, BELL457, BELL460, BELL461, BELL462, BELL463, BELL464, BELL465, BELL469, BELL471, BELL474, BELL476, BELL478, BELL479, BELL481, BELL487, BELL488, BELL489, BELL490, BELL493, BELL495, BELL502, BELL504, BELL507, BELL508, BELL510, BELL511, BELL512, BELL514, BELL515, BELL517, BELL518, BELL519, BELL520, BELL524, BELL526, BELL528, BELL529, BELL5299, BELL531, BELL535, BELL536, BELL541, BELL548, BELL551, BELL554, BELL555, BELL557, BELL558, BELL561, BELL562, BELL563, BELL564, BELL565, BELL566, BELL567, BELL568, BELL569, BELL576, BELL578, BELL579, BELL580, BELL584, BELL586, BELL587, BELL588, BELL589, BELL591, BELL592, BELL595, BELL598, BELL598**, BELL599, BELL600, BELL603, BELL604, BELL606, BELL609, BELL611, BELL612, BELL613, BELL614, BELL615, BELL616, BELL621, BELL622, BELL623, BELL624, BELL625, BELL627, BELL628, BELL632, BELL633, BELL636, BELL637, BELL644, BELL646, BELL651, BELL652, BELL659, BELL660, BELL664, BELL666, BELL668, BELL674, BELL677, BELL678, BELL679, BELL682, BELL688, BELL692, BELL693, BELL698, BELL699, BELL701, BELL705, BELL706, BELL707, BELL708, BELL709, BELL710, BELL713, BELL716, BELL717, BELL718, BELL719, BELL721, BELL724, BELL725, BELL726, BELL727, BELL728, BELL729, BELL730, BELL731, BELL733, BELL734, BELL735, BELL736, BELL737, BELL738, BELL744, BELL746, BELL748, BELL753, BELL757, BELL758, BELL760, BELL762, BELL765, BELL768, BELL772, BELL773, BELL777, BELL781, BELL782, BELL783, BELL787, BELL788, BELL790, BELL792, BELL793, BELL797, BELL801, BELL802, BELL805, BELL806, BELL807, BELL808, BELL817, BELL818, BELL819, BELL821, BELL822, BELL824, BELL827, BELL828, BELL831, BELL832, BELL834, BELL835, BELL837, BELL841, bell-841, BELL842, BELL843, BELL847, BELL848, BELL849, BELL851, BELL854, BELL856, BELL858, BELL865, BELL866, BELL867, BELL870, BELL873, BELL874, BELL877, BELL878, BELL882, BELL884, BELL888, BELL889, BELL891, BELL892, BELL894, BELL899, BELL900, Bell903, BELL905, BELL907, BELL908, BELL910, BELL914, BELL916, BELL917, BELL923, BELL926, BELL927, BELL929, BELL9311, BELL934, BELL936, BELL937, BELL938, BELL941, BELL944, BELL946, BELL949, BELL951, BELL954, BELL959, BELL961, BELL964, BELL965, BELL968, BELL970, BELL971, BELL975, BELL978, BELL979, BELL983, BELL992, BELL995, BELL997, BELL998, BELL999, BELLRichard, Belmore, Bergeron, Bernie, big, bigbutt, BissonHome, Black_Wolf, BlueJays, Bobby C, bono, Boston Marathon, BourdonA, Bouvier, BRAY, Brunet Home, buddy, Burelle, Buxton, bwright, CARDINALLAN, carmendewar, carole, cassie, Catfish777, Cathy, Cat's & Ben's Network, cavemanstrong, century21, CFE Cornwall, chubbs, CL, clfront, Clover, coffee, Cogeco cc, cogecogd, Cornwall INTAKE, Crime_Inc, crystalandjosh, CSDCEO, CTM WiFi, curtis, CurtisNetwork, D.Smith, Da Chronics, Dantonio, daz, Death Star, default, Demontigny, dlink, dlink148, DLINK15479, dlink34, Dlink-601-24, dlink615, D-Link9999, dlinkwhr1000, dlinkwood, dnk, doc2, DrDeneka, Drouin, dumdum home, edienet, EMPEROR, ETecH, FBA, Fedorus, fifth, FILLION1, fisher, fluff, Foubs, Gaudet Home Ntwk, GERALDINE, getyourownb1tch, gonzo, Good Grief Charley Brown, Grandma Network, HammerHeart, Happy Fun Adventure World, HardShooters, HDSMobile, Hello1, herring, hjseale, home, Home1, Home101, homenet, homescog, houseofdemos, Hyland, Industrial, Irie Land, JACKSONLAN, Jacob's Wifi, james, Jaybird, JC, Jiggernaut, JMyre, Joan, Joseph's Wireless Network, josh router, JoubeClan, JP-Hall-Internet, Julie, kaiden, KARL, Kelly, kevin, Kids, kids123, knet, kodja, LADOUCEURLAN, lafatk, LALONDE, LAP-HOME, LAUREL, lauries, Lefave, Lemon12, LF, Life, linksys, linksys 123, linksys_SES_12534, linksys_SES_8955, Liolios, louise, LynnH, Mac, mackie, Macmillan, magbob, mainvilleflooring, MARC, marcel, marlene, MARTY, matrix, MCC, McConnell_Medical_Centre, meg, Megatron, MEM, mgcun, Mike, Misake's Network, mnet, mnet1, Monaco, motorola 7F4, MRL, Muffin Stuffer, my network, my_wireless, myinternet, mynetwork, MyWLAN, Nan, Nat-Bowl-BasHall, navaneelan, ndr, No more free internet, O&M, O.P.P surveillance, Ontario, OSCWL, paulen, pe1428, Perkins, pethaven, philbell, PHILLY45, piss-off-nacho-net, placeaime, playit, Poppys Pawn, poswireless, Princess1, Purdy, QuaziMoto, Ragnarok Wireless, relessSSID, RiverLinkNew, rosanne, Roys, SAANDd, sanet, SARAULTLAN, Satcom, ScatCats, Senpai's Fun House, sharbindental, sharron, Shawn and Katie, ShopLAN, SNOWFLAKE2, SNY67, SOPHIE, STACY, Stang's Network, STDENISLAN, stevens, store35, sue, Surgeson, SVCHC, Sydney, symp007, TAILLONLAN, TAYTERS, tequila, Terry, test, tgmlaw, The Aquabats, The Grid, Thompson11, tinkerbell, TMAC, Trenear, Vieux, VILLENEUVE, VRL, VTX:88617538:13:, WaterStreet, WFH, wil, wilson85, wireless, WLAN, wolf, WWJD


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